Deep Hole

“Most people just want to perform good deeds to make merit, but they don’t want to give up wrongdoing. It’s just that ‘the hole is too deep.’

Suppose there was a hole and there was something at the bottom of it. Now anyone who put his hand into the hole and didn’t reach the bottom would say the hole was too deep. If a hundred or a thousand people put their hands down that hole, they’d all say the hole was too deep. No one would say that his arm was too short! We have to come back to ourselves. We have to take a step back and look at ourselves. Don’t blame the hole for being too deep. Turn around a look at your own arm. If you can see this, then you will make progress on the spiritual path and will find happiness.” – Ajahn Chah

Remember, blaming the hole for being too deep cannot ever change the situation of your not being able to reach the bottom. The power to change the situation lies solely with you. Use the tools at your disposal to reach deeper. Can someone support you from behind while you lean in further? Is there a shovel nearby? Find ways to change the situation. Even changing your thinking from “the hole is too deep” to “my arm is to short” and from “this is impossible” to “I have the power to change this” is a huge change that will help you feel more positive because you are practicing positive thinking. That is a victory you can feel proud of, regardless of whether you ever reach the bottom of that hole.


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