Welcome to Om Scholar! This is a space intended to help academics and students achieve a greater sense of well-being through mindfulness, meditation, and contemplation.

As an academic working in the field since 2005, I understand the pressures that professors and students face. It’s overwhelming to deal with the pressures of class, deadlines, research, shifting situations with friends and family, and a changing sense of yourself and who you are in the world. I found myself talking with many of my students about significant stressors in their lives and its effects on their mental health. I decided to make this space as a resource to continue to help them as well as help students and academics virtually.

Those of us in academia tend to be cerebral creatures. We like to process at a mind-level. I have been able to develop techniques that allow this ability to be to my advantage instead of my detriment, providing an access route to my inner peace instead of a block to it. It’s my hope that many of my posts can help those of you with similar skills do the same thing.

Even if you do not process at a mind level, I hope to provide a broad array of experiences, reflections, and exercises to help those of you in an educational environment cope with the significant stressors you face every day. It can feel a bit like being lost in the ocean with waves ceaselessly washing over you as your gasp for breath. It’s my hope that this site can be a small life raft for you.