The use and misuse of beliefs

We hear a lot about letting go of our belief systems, and the idea of “belief” for many people has to do with religion and the intolerance those systems have brought over the course of centuries.

But beliefs are not innately bad. They are a once-necessary encoding that gets us to a certain point in our personal evolution. They carry ideas, concepts, language, and images that bear us along our path. But if we are reflective and aware of ourselves, eventually we will outgrow all of our beliefs. And at that point, we have to let them go. What once aligned with us no longer does, and instead of moving us forward on a wave, it holds us down underwater.

In order to do that, we have to face who we truly are, and become that, instead of what we’ve told ourselves that we are. Or what others have told us that we are. It takes courage and readiness.

Don’t be afraid to let go of something you used to believe. It doesn’t mean you were wrong. You were right for where you were in your own personal evolution – even if it’s wrong for you now. This is how we become more and more ourselves. And when we are more and more who we truly are, we can live a genuinely happy and satisfying life.


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